5 month of marriage

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Yes, right on July 17th, 2008 me and my wife has just count on the fifth month of our marriage.

It’s fun,

It’s full of joy,

It’s loaded with bunch of lessons,

Plenty of memorable moments,

We laugh….together

We cry….together

We pray…together

We sleep take a bath eat….together ๐Ÿ™‚

I learn how to be a great husband

You learn how to be a great wife

We learn how to be a great couple, a great lovers, a great parents

We spend our 5th month wedding celebration in the highest building (tower) in Riyadh (or Saudi perhaps). Yes, we went to Kingdom Tower ๐Ÿ™‚

May Allah gives us HIS ultimate bless as mentioned in At Thuur:21

For those who believed, and their seed (children) also followed them in faith; We will have their children to join them. We never fail to reward them from any work. Every person is paid for what he did


i will always be right there

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Dedicated for my lovely wife. Thanks for every support, dedication, hard work, sacrifice, laugh, tears and love.

May Allah bless our family with His abundant love and mercy.

I swear to you – I will always be there for you – there’s nothin’ I won’t do

I promise to you – all my life I will live for you – we will make it through

Forever – we will be

Together – you and me

Oh n’ when I hold ya – nothin’ can compare

Will all of my heart – ya know I’ll always be right there

I believe in us – nothin’ else could ever mean so much

You’re the one I trust our time has come – we’re not two people

Now we are one – ya you’re second to none

Forever – we will be

Together – a family

The more I get to know ya – nothin’ can compare

With all of my heart – ya know I’ll always be right there

Forever – we will be

Together – just you and me

The more I get know ya – the more I really care

With all of my hears – ya know I’ll always be..

Ya know I really love ya – ya nothin’ can compare

For all of my life – ya know I’ll always be… right there

<by Bryan Adams>

2 years aGo

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Mengingat kejadian yang terjadi 2 tahun yang lalu…

gempa Jogja…Bantul tepatnya; 27 Mei 06, tepat d hari ulang tahun my youngest brother

“Fit, Jogja barusan ada gempa. Kamu coba cek keluarga di Jogja dech”…
itu telpon singkat dari seorang temen yang tadi pagi (Sabtu, 27 Mei 2006) aku terima tepat jam 6:22. padahal pas waktu itu aku lagi enak-enakan tidur ๐Ÿ™‚
Abis say tengkyu. Aku langsung coba telpon rumah…gak ada yg angkat, coba telpon ke hape adek, gak diangkat. Coba ke hape kakak, jg gak diangkat. Trus coba nge-bel rumah kakak, gak diangkat juga! Masya ALLAH ini ada apa ya?…apa jaringan gak beres, atau orang-orang pada berlarian di luar rumah…

Terakhir, aku coba telpon rumah eyank. Hufff, ada jg yg angkat akhirnya. Ternyata istri sepupuku. Langsung aku tanya lah,” Kumaha kabarna di jogja. Damang teu?…”
Yaa, dia bilang rumah eyank gpp. Cuma ada beberapa tembok yg retak, dan jebol. Rumah lainnya malah rada parah. ada yg gentengnya hancur lah, tembok jebol lah, dll.

Abis itu, baru aku bisa telpon ke rumah kakak.
Wuih, suaranya bener-bener panik. Aku mencoba untuk gak ikutan panik. Nanyain kabar dia, kabar suaminya, dan tentu saja…dua kurcaci keponakanku yang bandel-bandel itu. Alhamdulillah mereka gak papa. Cuma kakak iparku sempat kejatuhan serpalan tembok yang ancur..dalam hati si aku bilang, wah klo dia mah gpp. Lha wong cowok gt kan? Untuk bukan duet kurcaci maut itu yang kena…
Aku pesen supaya coba telpon rumah, krn dari tadi aku coba bel ke nomor rumah dan hape gak bisa. Mungkin klo di telpon dari jogja malah bisa, kan lokal…

Akhirnya dapet sms dari adek. Bapak, ibu, simbah dan dia sendiri sehat-sehat aja.
Lokasi rumah yang ada di tengah kota dan deket dengan kraton mungkin menjadi keuntungan buat kami semua. Gak terlalu ke selatan, yang memungkinkan kena tsunami. dan gak terlalu ke utara, yang mungkin kena luapan Gunung Merapi yang “menguap”…

Hikmah yang bisa diambil adalah bahwa hidup ini ternyata cuma sebentar, dan bahwa manusia itu ternyata sangat lemah dan gak bisa apa-apa. “Baru” kena gempa 5.9 SR aja sudah panik dan bergelimpangan banyak korban. (data terakhir dari metro TV ada sekitar 130 orang meninggal. Sebagian besar dari daerah Bantul).

Dan ALLAH bilang di QS Al Mu’min:81 yang artinya,
” Dan Dia memperlihatkan kepadamu tanda-tanda (kekuasaan-Nya); maka tanda-tanda (kekuasaan) Allah yang manakah yang kamu ingkari?”..

Tapi cerita itu ternyata berlanjut…

Justru karena gempa akhirnya aku bisa bertemu dengan wanita yang akhirnya menjadi istriku. teman setia dalam suka dan duka…(hiks3, kayake banyak dukanya deh)

….to be continued (Magrib, I need to pray. Otherwise Muthawwa will punish me ๐Ÿ™‚ )

How to get a cheap call to your home coutry

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This is always an interesting topic for a person who works abroad while his/her families are staying in the home country. He/she will try to find a the cheapest way to be able to communicate with them.

Just like me right now; staying in Riyadh, whilst my wife is still in Yogyakarta, since I need to proceed my iqama (Saudi’s government ID) before I can be a sponsor for my wife. and she’ll be able to enter the Kingdom (that’s what we call Saudi Arabia) with a family visa/resident visa.

With VoIP access technology, I figured there are three types of communication that I can utilize.

1.Mobile2Mobile/PSTN call

Mobily (an GSM/WCDMA operator in Kingdom) offer SR 1.6 per minute call from Mobile to one favorite number in Indonesia, either it is a PSTN Number or Mobile Number.

The quality, some people said, not really good. Because, in order to get that ‘call price per minute’, they will transfer the call via VoIP Gateway, and that’s why the quality is not really good.

But, in term of price, it really save some money. Compared to normal internaional call which cost SR 2.2 (off-peak rate and SR 2.3 (peak rate), it does save around 27%. But, compared to the following alternatives, it gives the highest cost.

With assumption I make a call 10 minutes per day, then for a month I will spend SR 480 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2. PC2PC call

VoIP call with PC2PC call is very cheap, even it’s be free if you know how and when to use it ๐Ÿ™‚

From office, I don’t have to pay. because the bandwidth usage is paid by Eric**on =)

But, if I want to make a call from the apartment, I need to register to Mobily Broadband Solution which cost me SR 100 for 1GigBytes for 1 month. Not bad…

The other thing is, my parents don’t familiar with this technology. It takes sometime to educate them. So, I can’t do this immediately.

With the same assumtion, I will make a call for 10 minutes per day, for 1 month I will spend = SR 100 + IDR 350000 = SR 240

I assume that IM2 with Wireless Broadband Solutuion will give a better price and quality in order to make a VoIP call.

3. PC2Mobile/PSTN call

Ok. we arrive to the last alternative.

My family in Indonesia don’t have to set up anything. I am the one who needs to subscribe to Mobily Broadband Solution that cost me SR 100 for 1Gig. And also, I need to buy a Skype Credit that cost me SR 0.4 (PSTN) and SR 0.7 (Mobile).

I think this would be a better solution. With assumption that I won’t make a call into mobile; means that I onlu use PC2PSTN VoIP call. For a month, with the same assumption as above, I will spend SR 220. Consist of SR 120 on Skype Credit + SR 100 on Mobily Broadband Solution

So, that’s it…

I found the cheapest way to make a call to my home country…

Thanks to Mobily and Skype ๐Ÿ˜€

PS: I put a simple table compare those three options. Sorry not to put in a good series ๐Ÿ™‚

1st month

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this’s my first month living in gulf country. yeah…i decided to take the challenge to join a swedish-telco vendor based in riyadh, KSA. It’s the same with my previous employer, in term of brand and technology; the difference are job description, department, environmnet, customer…and of course the payment (no, don’t take it seriously… ๐Ÿ˜€ )

6th of may will be exactly one month since the first time i came here. at first, i felt not really comfortable, just because i have to deal with some administration that make me crazy; i need to ask the administrator several times before he start to handle and doing what i’ve asked…fyi, all of the administrator are men :-D, mostly came from pakistan, some are philiphino

but, anyway..i do survive, at least until today :-). and i’m pretty confident i will be able to adapt with my new environment, in term of working, social live, as well as the weather.

for this month, i’m sitting in radisson sas hotel. room no 630. it’s a convenient room with free broadband access. so far i enjoy staying in this place, even it’s quite difficult to find a restaurant to get some food. the only alternative is dajen ๐Ÿ™‚

some snapshot of the hotel and my room


bismillah…i’ve just pay a down payment for an two rooms apartment near the office. i hope i can enjoy living in this city

Tombo Ati

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Tomboย ati iku lima perkarane (Obat hati itu ada lima perkara)

Kaping pisan moco Qur’an lan maknane (yang pertama baca qur’an dan maknanya)

Kaping pindho sholat wengi lakonono (yang kedua sholat malam dirikanlah)

Kaping telu wong kang soleh kumpulana (yang ketiga berkumpulah bersama orang-orang soleh)

Kaping papat kudu weteng ingkang luweI (yang keempat perbanyaklah berpuasa)

Kaping lima dzikir wengi ingkang suwe (yang kelima dzikir malam perpanjanglah)

Salah sakwijine sopo bisa ngelakoniย  (salah satunya siapa bisa menjalani)

Mugi-muigi Gusti Allah nyembadani (moga-moga Gusti Allah mencukupi)

note: Lirik lagu ini, pernah dinyanyikan oleh Kyai Kanjeng, grup musik dedengkotan Emha Ainun Najib. Juga pernah dipopulerkan lagi oleh Opick

new chapter

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March 4th, 2008.

It’s time to start a new chapter of my life. There is no regret on taking the decision and opportunity.

In the name of Allah…I will do the best and be the best

It’s a promise. for my self, my wife and Allah

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